You are currently viewing 25+ YouTube Playlists II 1000+ Videos II Oil&GasFundas II EPCLand II Comprehensive Guide

25+ YouTube Playlists II 1000+ Videos II Oil&GasFundas II EPCLand II Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to dive into the world of piping engineering? Our curated YouTube playlists offer a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of this critical field. Whether you’re interested in mastering ASME B31.3 standards, understanding material selection, or exploring the intricacies of pressure design, our playlists have you covered. With informative videos covering a wide range of topics, these playlists are a valuable resource for both aspiring and experienced piping engineers. Join us on a journey through the complexities and nuances of process piping with these educational videos.

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FAQs Piping Engineering
ASME B31.3 Awareness course
ASME B31.12 Awareness course

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Instrumentation Topics
Basic Fundamentals of Piping Engineering
Codes & Standards of Piping Engineering
Safety Talk Topics
Hydrogen Hazards & Safety
HR interview Preparation

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PMP (Project Management Professionals)
Pipe Inspection & Testing
Questions & answer in Piping ENgineering
Piping Engineering Online Courses
Email Etiquettes
MS excel (Basic & Expert)
2 Minute Funda Series
Codes & Standards
Design Basis Piping Engineering
Column Piping & Layout
COmpressor Piping and Layout
Introduction to Piping Engineering

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Valve Classifications
Isometric Management
Heat exchangers & Piping
Pump piping And Layout
Plot Plan Development
Pipe Rack Piping and Design
  1. Basics of Piping Engineering
  2. Piping Layout Engineering
  3. Piping Material Engineering 
  4. Piping Stress Analysis
  5. Complete Course on Piping Engineering
  6. Material Requisitions 
  7. Piping Material Specifications
  8. Valve Material Specifications

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Attempt Quiz on Piping Engineering

Question 1:

What is the primary function of piping in industrial applications?

Question 2:

What is a common material used for piping in high-temperature applications?

Question 3:

What does ASME B31.1 specify?

Question 4:

What is a flange in piping engineering?

Question 5:

What is the purpose of a pipe support in piping systems?

Question 6:

Which type of valve is commonly used to control fluid flow in piping systems?

Question 7:

What is the role of a pressure relief valve in piping systems?

Question 8:

What is a common method for joining two pipes in piping systems?

Question 9:

What is the purpose of a pipe flange gasket?

Question 10:

What does the term “pipe schedule” refer to in piping engineering?

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